So, You Want Your Natural Stone Cleaned.

There seems to be a smudge that just will not go away. Hot water, cold water, soapy water, nothing seems to be working. The reason why, is that the smudge isn’t something that is on top of the stone surface but the stone surface itself. Natural stone, especially the softer varieties such as marble or limestone, is susceptible to micro damages. Things that are too far in either direction on the PH scale, for example bleach on the basic and citrus juice on the acidic end, will etch the stone. This actually changes the geometry of the surface minutely but still significantly enough to cause the eye sores that just won’t seem to go away despite your vigorous cleaning attempts. A little side tip, don’t mix bleach with ammonia.  It can be deadly. 

            The change that occurs disorganizes uniformity of the stone surface at a microscopic level that then presents itself as the etch or scuff. This is also why the higher the polish (uniformity in the surface structure) the more visible the etching is. That isn’t to say that no polish and low polish surfaces are immune to this blight.

            How do you fix it you ask? Well you reestablish the uniformity. How do you do that? You call us! Our expert craftsmen will bring back the luster of your stone by grinding it into shape with the efficiency of a marine drill sergeant. Not just that, but we also seal the stone to help protect it in the future. Call or email and an estimator will promptly get back to you!

For more detail check www.naturalstoneinstitute.orgsdsds

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