MIA Restoration Committee

The MIA ( Marble Institute of America ) based in Cleveland, OH..has initiated a Restoration Committee composed of
practicing experts from around the country – putting their
talents and brains together to help solve the many, many
” sticky issues ” and confronting problems that face residential and commercial consumers – ACROSS THE WORLD  who want their marble, terrazzo, granite, slate,
limestone, onyx, cement based concrete, serpentine,
basalt , and other natural stone surfaces to look the
best they can….
Our President , Mike Pavilon, is the Chairperson of the
Commercial and Historical Sub-committee of the
Project for the MIA – dealing with the many different
issues that Lobbies, Hotels , facades and other areas
unique to Commercial Bldgs have with Natural Stone..
not just including dealing with the State Landmarks
Commissions or the Federal – National Trust for
Historic Properties bureaucracies …
The size, the kind of Stone within the revolving door
areas, the various Marble or Limestone Staircases,
the safety involved with a restoration project among
the ” foot traffic ” of Lobbies, and the incredible
removal of old waxes, seals , urethane and other
topcoats that may have been trampled on for decades
are all part of this Subcommittees brainstorming process –
among many other issues.

Stay tuned here for some of the answers..!