Quartz Is Not Quartz Is Not Even Sometimes Very Quartzy

Welcome to the arena of mass confusion among the weary consumers of the USA.  Quartz is making a splash that sometimes turns into a Belly Flop!  Even Mr. Lou Manfredini, Mr. Fixit of Chicago Area and more, seemed undecided as to whether to recommend Quartz as a Counter Top to callers, and didn't have much to add to the conversation from his otherwise incredible encyclopedic mind.  Lou is on WGN radio every Saturday a.m. , 7 am to 10 am..from Springfield, IL to Madison, WI on the World's Greatest Network (WGN)?!

Back to Quartz:  Quartz is an engineered stone, aka manufactured, with hydrous silica or crystalline quartz as essential ingredients, then MIXED with "other" ingredients as Silestone puts it, or resinous ingredients with sometimes colorants to accentuate veining and/or ultraviolet light repellent chemicals to do just that. 

Who monitors the percentage of these probable ingredients? The manufacturer only. As of recently NO regulations, NO standards, NO oversight.  Go see "Quartz-Based Stone" published by the Natural Stone Institute (formerly MIA), Ohio, (440)250-9222,  or, www.naturalstoneinstitute.org

And, remember, it is NOT quartzite ! That's another blog , another time, another Mr. Fixit show ?!  We wrote about "The Scoop on Quartzite" 2014 

Quartz Island

Quartz Island