Preparation and Service in Marble Restoration and Maintenance Projects

At Sungloss Marble Restoration, we work with commercial and residential clients to provide the highest level of service, expertise, and education. During a marble, granite, terrazzo, slate, limestone, bluestone, or other natural stone maintenance, polishing, or restoration project, there are many steps of preparation that go into our service, some of which may or may not be intuitive to first-time clients.

For starters, the knowledge and attentiveness of our Account Representatives and Estimators bring to a project is the foundation of a good client experience. We strive to address all concerns and educate our clients on how they should (and should not) go forward with a stone care project. While a majority of projects fall under common categories of needs, we have our share of unusual client requests and interesting challenges, all of which we work as hard as possible to satisfy.

The preparation of a job location is another service step that is sometimes not fully understood. Whether in a corporate, commercial, or residential space, precautions must be taken before stone care work can begin. Since water is used with a rotary machine and wet grinding produces stone slurry (dusty water, basically), plastic sheeting, masking tape, and tarps are put up anywhere water will splash. Furniture is also relocated. The preparation for a complicated restoration job can sometimes be a significant portion of man-hours in relation to the entire job top to bottom. Below, you can see two Sungloss Technicians, Rodney and Alex, and the protection they used in a recent marble polishing project.

Whether a big job or a small job, Sungloss treats every job the same in terms of preparing thoroughly, both mentally (working to meet all client’s concerns) and also on-site protection. These are both ways we add value for our customers.

Marble restoration project with plastic protection featuring Rodney and Alex