Passion for Our Work is Shared With Arizona Congresswoman

All of us at Sungloss Marble Restoration Company are praying for and sending well wishes to the victims of the horrific shooting in Arizona last Saturday. We feel the pain and shock at the senseless deaths. As well, we feel hope for Congresswoman Giffords recovery (the news has been optimistic), and also feel hope for our country to move forward from this tragedy, and ultimately elevate the level of respect we show each other.

It is hard not to sense the congresswoman’s passion and dedication for her job while the nation watches her recover. It is passion that we share, not only as we do our daily jobs, but in our overall mission. At Sungloss Marble Restoration Company, our passion is evident in how we approach tough natural stone cleaning, polishing, sealing, and honing problems, and delight our customers in the process. We also have been striving for years to lower our usage of chemicals and processes that adversely affect the environment—our water and air. Over the years we’ve made our fleet of vehicles more efficient, and whenever possible stopped using solvent-based natural stone impregnating sealers. Sometimes the only components in our natural stone honing and polishing process are electricity (from a standard 120-volt plug), grit pads, and a modest amount of water. Far less than what is involved in quarrying, trucking, and installing new stone, which is the more wasteful outcome we hope to stave off through our restoration services. It is yet another way we find passion in our work—helping to reuse, reclaim, and renew old natural stone and make it usable and beautiful again.

Our clients who inadvertently share in our mission—condo associations, homeowners, federal buildings, banks, and construction companies, to name a few—also have equal passion for presenting their property with the highest curb appeal and attention to detail possible.

We hope Congresswoman Giffords is on her way to a miraculous recovery, and we will thinking of her and the other victims of the Arizona shooting in the days to come.