Can Stone Restoration be Mobile, Travel Anywhere?


Sungloss Marble Co. is in Indiana, near South Bend today and this week – working in a private mansion – restoring Slate, Marble and Limestone areas of a beautiful home.

Knowing what to do with the various natural stones – Limestone, Slate, Marble, Granite, Onyx , Diplomatic Limestone, Basalt, Terrazzo and more is what makes restoration a challenging and professional career.

Add to the above the foray into concrete, the “old fashioned” kind, and the new, environmentally friendly “co2 infused” or similar, it makes for the Supreme Court of Trades.

Travel to a variety of locations depends on the size and/or complexity of the project, as costs to travel may be a tiny (or large) percentage of the project.  St. Louis, Madison, WI, Springfield, IL, Milwaukee and the SW section of Michigan have all been easily within our reach.  But, for a good restoration firm closer to you – go to

Enjoy your Marble, Granite, Terrazzo and more..

Laser cut, carbon infused, decorative concrete floor