Natural Stone Restoration – Limestone Cleaning for Commercial and Residential Customers

Limestone cleaning is a large part of the work we do at Sungloss Marble Restoration Company.  Being a natural stone restoration contractor involves more than just polishing marble one way, over and over again regardless of what the client or the stone requires.  Sungloss has experience working with tens of different types of stone and many different processes in residential installations and commercial environments over the years, including high-rise residential buildings and condominiums, hotels, banks, and federal buildings.

Limestone has its own set of restoration procedures and caveats.  Our experience with limestone allows us to be able to recognize and avoid common pitfalls that some limestone presents when cleaning, polishing, honing, and sealing it.

Limestone is generally softer and less dense than marble, so cleaning, honing, and polishing it differs from marble.  Also, although it can take a polish, the makeup of some limestone limits the highest shine level that be achieved; as well, limestone is more commonly finished with a honed or rough cut finish.  Those characteristics, combined with the porosity of some limestone, mean more than one cleaning procedure may be required.  For example, an abrasive pad is employed to mildly wet grind and remove the layer of ground-in dirt in the limestone, but a technician may have to follow with a scrub brush by hand, to get natural holes and clefts in the stone clean.

A couple examples of the natural variations that require us to vary cleaning and restoration procedures can be seen in the pictures below.  The limestone with fossils is shown in a ‘raw’ state, but imagine when this type of limestone is made into tiles:

cleft limestone

limestone with fossils

Sungloss Marble is well versed in limestone cleaning, honing, sealing, and polishing, and use our experience from years of stone restoration to meet our clients’ limestone needs.