Natural Stone And Tile Restoration Called Into Question?


A lot has been said and written about contractors, construction companies and roofers regarding the integrity of their services — rumor has it that some will do anything to get a job, and some of your cash flowing their way….

Lou Manfredini, WGN televisions’s Mr. Fixit, recently interviewed a reporter who followed several HVAC contractors through their  “sales process” and found all six to be either outright lying, deceptive or simply inaccurate in their assessments of new Air Conditioning units or parts!

Sad to say that.

We, at Sungloss Marble Company, are committed to an honest and reliable process from the start. We endeavor to be completely straight with potential and current customers about the honing, refinishing, polishing and sealing of their natural stone and tile – including the only partly successful sealing process (per the Marble Institute of America).

natural stone and tile restoration

Excellent results with your natural stone and tile restoration begins with clear expectations.

We want our first time customers to return so our focus is on managing expectations, developing a trusted relationship and a good reputation, aside from the value issue of “simply being accurate and telling the truth of the matter.”

Marble, Terrazzo, Granite, Slate, Limestone and even limestone-based concrete can be finicky and sensitive to ‘etches,’ stains and natural discolorations. We try to tell people this fact upfront and do what we can to get the stone in the condition the customer wants so that they enjoy the results.

There are limitations to what we do as a restoration and natural stone restoration and refinishing company — that is just a fact. But we, again, do all we can with 20+ years of experience under our belts to satisfy the customer.

Satisfaction is bred by education, so we send our customers both a written “AfterCare Sheet” for their stone surfaces AND try to put them in contact with the consumer page at

We want the very best results for our natural stone and tile restoration customers — compromises just won’t cut it.

Our very best,

Mike Pavilon
Sungloss Marble Company