As Recession Wanes, Commercial and City Buildings in the Loop Begin Stone Restoration

Sungloss Marble Restoration Company has an interesting vantage point these days.  Our business was positioned well during the Great Recession.  Luckily, our marble, terrazzo, slate, granite, limestone, travertine and other natural stone restoration work over the last two years did not fall dramatically, which meant practically no consequences to our employees or customers during the Recession.

At present, we are slowly witnessing the awakening of industries closely related to ours.  Commercial buildings in the Loop, developers, Federal Government projects, and even City of Chicago projects (which for better or worse, involve the Chicago Plan Commission), have all contacted or touched Sungloss recently.  And now is the best time ever to take advantage of what Sungloss Marble Restoration has to offer: cost-cutting (and environmentally-conscious) stone restoration, without sacrificing quality.

Soon we will begin one such project in downtown Chicago, restoring multiple floors of marble in a major Chicago Loop building.  The project has been tabled since the financial meltdown, but has recently awakened from dormancy, and that’s a good sign.  It’s a good vantage point to be in, when we can see the country slowly coming out of the worst recession in history.  And we can’t be more proud of our contribution to it—providing quality, cost-cutting, environmentally-friendly natural stone polishing, cleaning, buffing, honing, and sealing, to support fellow local businesses, and to beautify our city’s natural stone!