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What You Don’t Know Can Hurt Your Marble (or Limestone, or Travertine, some Granite, and other Natural Stones)

Friday, August 3rd, 2012

Basics of Marble And Natural Stone Tile Ownership

Part 1: Why acids damage your beautiful marble.

As it relates to natural stone tile and other precious surfaces, you may wonder why you see dull spots on your marble around the sink, dull ring marks that match the shape of your favorite highball glass, or marks on your bathroom vanity that mirror your mouthwash bottle….. All of these “normal wear and tear” marks are completely preventable — we call them etches. And no, you don’t have to put doilies or rugs over all of your stone in order to protect it either.

A little information goes a long way…

Acids are the main culprit creating the dull spots on natural stone. So what is the source of the acid that is leaving a mark on my stone, you ask?

A few common items containing acids that might leave an etch mark on your marble include:

cigar smoke cleaned off white marble

Cigar smoke removed from white marble column

Food items: citrus of any kind, many juices, vinegars, wine, beer, liquor, many sodas, tannic acids in tea, coffee, tomato….

Cleaning products: Vinegar of any kind, products meant to remove calcium, lime and hard water deposits, and soap scum; most regular household cleaning products. READ the FINE PRINT on the bottle – you might be surprised how many containers say DO NOT USE ON MARBLE or other calcareous (i.e. chalky) stone like limestone, travertine, etc.

Cosmetic Items: Acidic face washes, zit cream, toner, perfumes, to name a few. Saline solution may also have an etching influence on marble.

Other Acids: Urine, vomit… (households with young children be aware!)

So what do I do? Cleaning natural stone seems complicated!

How to clean marble? A few small tips will get you started for a long lasting lustrous appearance to your natural stone.

Sungloss Marble Co. believes that the best way to take care is to be informed. Severely etched natural stone tiles will require the services of a marble finishing company to do the marble polishing.

Preventing contact of acid with your limestone, marble, travertine, etc. is the number one step. Use a large cutting board in the kitchen for preparing acid foods. Place your cocktails on coasters and set up your bar on a large tray when hosting a party.  Place a decorative tray on your bathroom countertop to serve as a “home base” for all the toiletries you use most often.

Stay tuned for more tips and future care ideas! If you like what you read today, please email us for a complimentary Marble Care Educational Booklet from the Marble Institute Of America!

Yours Truly,
Lisa Park

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Limestone, Marble, Granite Restoration and Cleaning Education

Friday, February 24th, 2012

At Sungloss Marble Restoration, we are very high on educating our customers, and have been for over 22 years. The more our customers know about the stone restoration options we can offer them, the more informed they can be when choosing how to beautify and raise the curb appeal of their property, condo, or home.

Natural stone restoration services we bring to the table include color enhancement, honing, polishing (satin or high gloss), grout cleaning, sealing, lippage removal, stone and tile cleaning, and more. We serve any and all customers who have natural stone (or even concrete) and need to make it cleaner, brighter, or last longer. Our clients range from homeowners all over Chicagoland, to large high-rise office and residential buildings in the Loop, to State and Federal buildings, to developers and construction companies looking to enhance their new construction projects (or fix a prior contractor’s goof!).

Architects and designers have hired us in LEED certification projects because of our dedication to restoring and reusing stone, knowing it saves more water and resources to beautify existing stone installations than install new ones.

In the spirit of education, our sales and office reps go the extra mile to help customers understand how to achieve the most restoration for the value. We can assist with planning cost-savings maintenance plans, also. This blog exists to educate and inform our customers about everything we can do with their marble, slate, limestone, terrazzo, granite, bluestone, onyx, ceramic, porcelain, and concrete floors, bathrooms, kitchens, lobbies, foyers, walls, countertops, and anything else made of stone!

We are happy for our Sales rep and blogger John Leonard, who is leaving us soon, and grateful for the thoughts and experiences he’s shared over the years on these pages. John responds:
Thank you to all the customers and readers for engaging in our natural stone dialogue. There have been exciting Green developments in our industry recently that I want to bring focus to. The U.S. Green Building Council has more validity in our business than ever before. Stone restoration in a renovation project is a way to achieve LEED points. The stone sealers and restoration products we use have the least environmental impact in the ten years I’ve been in this line of work, and that’s very reassuring as well. But most of all, I think the beautification and value we bring to our customers is deeper than ever. It has been a great experience to support and to be associated with the Vision of Sungloss Marble Restoration Company, and it will be close to my heart in my future endeavors.

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Financial Considerations and Stone Care in Today’s Economy

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

In the current atmosphere of financial uncertainty, homeowners may find themselves putting off all but the most critical contractor work. There are a few things to think about when deciding to postpone stone restoration. We’ve seen a whole range of stone wear, and some circumstances warrant more concern than others. High traffic or what I call ‘high abuse’ areas, particularly where water is present (bathroom vanities, bathroom floors, showers, and kitchen floors or countertops), tend to require more maintenance and upkeep. These areas will almost always have a dirty, mottled, or etched appearance after a cycle of regular use, which will only get worse in time. They would be my first priority. That being said, with proper home care and cleaning, the intervals between professional visits can be lengthened. Proper home care is another blog entry in itself, but the Marble Institute of America’s page on cleaning is a starting point ( Some areas in the house that see less use might only need “well-care” (i.e. periodic re-sealing), which would be a lower priority, one to come back to during the next cycle of maintenance. (more…)

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Marble's Beauty: Lower Price Increases Use in Residences

Saturday, August 12th, 2006

(Featured in Chicago Tribune – By Chris Larson) (more…)

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