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LOBBIES – not the Legislative kind, believe me.

Wednesday, June 19th, 2013

The Building or Hotel Lobby is usually the very 1st impression
that a visitor has at a property.  Often the impression is not even thought about or talked about –
rather it is an unconscious impression and memory
that remains with the visitor for ______ days, weeks, months ?
And all too often – also – the impression is conscious when
the surrounding areas are a ” turn off ” or emanate a “messiness or disorganization
or unkemptness ” to the visitor.
Marble, Granite, Slate, Terrazzo, Limestone and other natural
stone are the areas that either impress favorable or not.
A small amount of budget may go a long way in creating
a good impression for the visitor …and what you want to
communicate.  Some banks, for example , simply want to communicate :
strength, organization, cleanliness but not a ” glitztness”
that implies ” wastefulness or over-extravagance” so they
keep a very clean, honed ( not high gloss ) stone floor and
facade and walls , wainscoting that is devoid of high gloss
but may carry just a ” bounce” or patina of luster….sealed
well for some protection with an environmentally favorable
Thinking through what you want to communicate with your
” curb appeal” natural stone and the 1st impression…is a
very important building management issue.

We will leave you there to decide.

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Financial Considerations and Stone Care in Today’s Economy

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

In the current atmosphere of financial uncertainty, homeowners may find themselves putting off all but the most critical contractor work. There are a few things to think about when deciding to postpone stone restoration. We’ve seen a whole range of stone wear, and some circumstances warrant more concern than others. High traffic or what I call ‘high abuse’ areas, particularly where water is present (bathroom vanities, bathroom floors, showers, and kitchen floors or countertops), tend to require more maintenance and upkeep. These areas will almost always have a dirty, mottled, or etched appearance after a cycle of regular use, which will only get worse in time. They would be my first priority. That being said, with proper home care and cleaning, the intervals between professional visits can be lengthened. Proper home care is another blog entry in itself, but the Marble Institute of America’s page on cleaning is a starting point (http://www.marble-institute.com/consumerresources/care.cfm). Some areas in the house that see less use might only need “well-care” (i.e. periodic re-sealing), which would be a lower priority, one to come back to during the next cycle of maintenance. (more…)

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