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Sungloss Marble Restoration Visits Travertine, Granite, and Marble Filled City of Rome!, June 23rd, 2011

Sungloss Marble Restoration is happy to report our part-time Account Rep and Blogger John Leonard has been fortunate to join his wife in Rome, while she co-teaches an art and architecture seminar through Ohio University (a link to the program can be found at:  This opportunity affords our beloved rep ample time to soak in some sights and sounds of one of the world’s greatest cities, excessively rich in culture, innovation, and beauty.  The use of natural stone in America, the architectural application, as well as methods of maintenance and preservation, are all descended from Roman ways.  Existing in a region of the world which has provided marble and travertine since antiquity, Rome is literally built almost entirely of natural stone. 

John writes: although I have an eye and appreciation for architecture, the depth of focus in this blog can only be of an ‘aficionado,’ not a studied expert.  I will be making observations and reports from Rome that hope to link to Chicago’s natural stone that Sungloss Marble Restoration Company cleans, polishes, hones, seals, and restores on a daily basis.  I will also be adding a few pictures to show off what a magical place this is.

Starting with the Colosseum, the symbol of Rome….  This massive amphitheater opened in A.D. 80, and the last recorded games were held in A.D. 523.  The structure held 50,000-70,000 people, and much of the building is made of travertine and tufa blocks, with brick construction for the interior seating and stairs.  Like everything in ancient Rome, the exterior used to be clad in marble slabs. Considering its active use for 443 years, the later transformation into a fortification, and earthquakes, looting, Christian worship appropriation, and partial deconstruction (to reclaim the stone for other buildings), it looks pretty damn good!

Not only is the Colosseum an architectural and historical treasure-trove, it is a symbol for natural stone lovers. The travertine core construction has withstood so much weathering and abuse, and yet has continued to radiate the spirit of this city for almost 2000 years. It is something our clients of property managers, condo boards, homeowners, banks, and Federal Building managers to name a few, can stop and think about next time they survey the work Sungloss Marble Restoration Company has just finished on their travertine, marble, terrazzo, limestone, or granite lobby or foyer, that will allow the stone to be enjoyed for years to come.

A crew works to partially rebuild the stage in the Colosseum

A crew works to partially rebuild the stage in the Colosseum

Travertine in the Colosseum

Travertine in the Colosseum

John and Christine by the Colosseum

Our beloved rep John Leonard and his wife Christine in Rome

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