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Granite Cleaning, Granite Polishing, Granite Sealing, December 2nd, 2011

Although our name, Sungloss Marble Restoration Company, only contains the word marble, we also are granite restoration experts! We can bring new life to polished or honed granite lobbies, countertops, reception desks, and even exterior granite slabs.

Granite is somewhat misunderstood among the average consumer. Here are some basic granite talking-points:

Granite is a quartz-based coarse-grained igneous rock. It is much harder and denser than calcium-based rock like limestone and marble. It is finished with a variety of methods, including high-pressure polishing, sandblasting, and flaming.

Many of our clients including homeowners, condo boards, developers, construction companies, and Federal buildings to name a few, have hired us to spruce up their granite and improve the curb appeal of their property. The maladies of granite are similar to many other natural stone installations we see: polished granite floors get dull, granite countertops get unknowingly abused, and honed granite floors may look worse for wear due to imbedded dirt. Also, flamed or sandblasted granite often needs regular sealing to keep it protected and looking great.

There are myths about granite, too numerous to enumerate all here. We’ll just cut to the chase—granite needs upkeep! It is not a lower-maintenance stone, just a ‘different-maintenance’ stone. And the stone industry makes things harder for us and our customers when they take stone not technically classified as granite and call it ‘granite.’ Often we learned about unusual or unexpected properties of these “fake” granites in the midst of working on it—Black Absolute granite is the prime example. It took some elbow grease and consulting with our partners in the industry to come up with a multi-faceted approach to restoring and polishing Black Absolute when it first came up in popularity, because of the fact that some fabricators would infuse black dyes into mystery stone and call it black granite…but that’s a separate story.

When it comes to granite, Sungloss Marble (and Granite!) Restoration Company can add value to our customers’ granite floors, countertops, and installations, while dazzling their expectations as well.

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