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For over 25 years, Sungloss Marble Co. has been specializing in the cleaning, polishing, and maintaining of the Marble, Granite, Limestone and Terrazzo lobby floors throughout the Chicago-land area and surrounding suburbs. With an extensive list of A+ buildings, Sungloss Marble assists Property Managers, Building Engineers and Developer/Owners maintain their buildings in the kind of excellent condition they want year-round. Having worked in building lobbies, restaurants, hotels and hospitals, Sungloss Marble has the experience needed to get the job done with the highest quality and safety standards.

Limestone Piece

Limestone sample piece with different lusters. Left is high gloss, middle is matte, right is satin

Marble Floor - Before

Tennessee Pink Marble under cement - Before restoration

After restoration - cement smear removed without damage

Terrazzo Floor covered with cement - Before restoration

Terrazzo Floor - After

Terrazzo Floor - After restoration - clearer, brighter

Marble Wall Panel - Before

Marble wall panel with mastic & severe stains - Before restoration 

Marble Wall Panel - After

Marble wall panel after stripping mastic and restoring 

Window or Lake Effect

Black Marble floor with a high gloss polish. Great reflection of Lake Michigan.

Church Floor Marble Polish

Marble church floor altar - previously very worn

Marble Hallway

Marble hallways with a high gloss polish


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