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Our Reviews – Unfiltered & Unrefined

Friday, August 15th, 2014

You can’t win ‘em all, but we sure come close!

We survey our customers, and we ask about their interaction from the initial call to the final outcome – the overall experience in writing.  When measured over the last two years, our customers have given us and average of 4.5 / 5 stars.  That’s 90% customer satisfaction!  In our complex & changing industry, exceeding customer expectation is not an easy task, but the responses have stayed consistent throughout the years.  Customer loyalty is also on the rise with more repeat customers and referrals – thank you!  All of the customer survey responses are either handwritten with signature or emailed with return addresses – fully documented and available for independent review and scrutiny – unlike what Yelp does!

The natural stone industry is constantly developing, but our commitment to staying on top of the game has remained, since 1987.  Give us a call today!

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Waxing of Stone and Terrazzo Floors Can be Precarious

Wednesday, April 9th, 2014

Even though they may be professionals in the business, an estimated 1 out of 3 property managers don’t understand the difference between waxing and professional polishing.

Wax gets into the grout lines and does not allow vapors to ventilate. Moisture can get trapped and produces oxidation or other damage, like staining, and if not stripped thoroughly, leaves a white crusty look in the grout lines.

Furthermore  – the edges near walls and other tall areas, attract dust, pollution, and airborne particles to walls (like gravity in “Cosmos”), thus landing eventually on (or in) the wax residue left by incomplete stripping at the edges.

The vast majority of professional managers now polish naturally, environmentally friendly and green.

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Thursday, March 27th, 2014

Michael Pavilon is calling for suggestions, comments queries for a planned white paper on using and caring for marble, granite, limestone, slate, terrazzo and other stone flooring in lobbies.
The following main areas have been brainstormed hitherto:
1. What are the best cleaners and processes for natural stone
     and does it make a difference which stone, which cleaner?
     Does the kind of machine make a difference?
2. How often and when – seasonally- should the stone floors
     be cleaned, treated, refinished, restored ??
3. What kind of protection should there be for the stone floors?
     Do carpet runners really help or hinder?  How about seals?
     Top coats?
4. Should baseboards, edges and corners be treated any differently?
      Why are they so problematic?
5. What can be done for cracks, hairline and otherwise, and
     holes, chips?
6. How about those stains?  What is oxidation?  Why is standing
     water so harmful?  Can stains be eliminated?  What’s the
     difference between a stain and an etch?
7. What is the best process for producing luster on stone?
     Are there really that many different processes ?
8. Do seals work or are they a waste?  Does Granite ever need
     to be sealed as a floor?  Slate?
9. My Lobby looks beautiful! How can I keep it that way?
10. Pricing!  How is pricing determined by professionals
       in this field?
Proposed by Mike Pavilon – who is also the Chairman of
the Marble Institute of America’s Commercial/Historical
Restoration Committee – part of the MIA’s process to
produce a Handbook on ALL areas of restoration and
maintenance of Marble and Granite by approximately 25 of the
nation’s top refinishing and restoration of stone – owners.

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Winter Weather and Complete Stone Restoration

Wednesday, February 26th, 2014

It seems every condo or commercial lobby you walk into in the metro area of Chicago has taken a real beating this winter.  The constant foot traffic in and out of the buildings has only added to the dull and dirty look of these once- pristine looking lobby floors.

Residents, employees and guests drag in snow melt, oil from the CTA, grease, dirt  and pollution droppings that become embedded in your marble, terrazzo, and concrete, salt that can scratch your limestone and travertine floors.  You may be experiencing this with the floors in your home.  Although mats and carpet runners help, they are not the complete answer.

With more snow and cold coming in the next few weeks, you may want to think about getting that date for a pro to come and “spruce up your lobby floors” for the upcoming spring. The pros are busy, busy in the midst of spring time.

Want more information on “winter wear” of marble, granite, limestone , terrazzo, etc?  Visit the Marble Institute of America website, our international stone association.

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Heat, Humidity & Natural Stone Restoration

Thursday, July 18th, 2013

Customers ask, “Is it ” ok ” to clean, polish and seal my dining room floor and then clean and seal my Indiana Limestone porch when it’s 95f and 70% + humidity?”. Well, it depends.
Inside , the AC and the airflow are correct and good – why not? Unless there are pocketswhere the airflow is not
eliminating the high humidity there is no reason not to proceed.
Outdoors, or in basements or lower levels, that may
NOT be the case.  Most sealants, caulks and grouts issue a written caveat against proceeding in weather that is either too hot or too humid or both. The caveats vary. I’ve seen a range of 90f and 60% humidity as a start point and others with a higher start point for danger in application. Read the FINE PRINT on the manufacturers can or bottle. They usually spend $ and time testing, having independent labs test how these products react under certain conditions.  Misapplications can cause poor sealant results, oxidation, smearing, and worse.  Best to be conservative and save the outdoor work for another day – or, move to Paradise where you won’t need to concern yourself with the climatic conditions.

Good Luck !

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How to Care for your Natural Stone

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013

Keeping your Marble (or other natural stone) looking beautiful doesn’t always cost an arm and a leg.  By following a simple set of “care tips”, put together by The Marble Institute of America, you will keep your durable stone looking beautiful and radiant.  Do your natural stone a favor, follow the “care tips on this link.

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