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Who Do You Want To Punch?

Monday, March 27th, 2017

What is a “punch list“? The people you may want to punch ?? Well, not really.
A Punch List is the listing of issues, things to get done in a construction process at a site – residential or commercial – BEFORE the contract is considered complete and BEFORE the final payments are made to the Construction Company.

How/Why does this affect marble, terrazzo, granite and limestone surfaces? Well, don’t punch me, but until those surfaces are acceptable to the customer or their agent, e.g. architect, designer, property manager…- sometimes meaning “perfect condition” …NO ONE will complete a sign off or payment to the Construction Company.
Sungloss Marble Company has engineered hundreds of “punch list” sign offs preventing hundreds of “punches and fights” on site and elsewhere of HOW the Stone Surfaces should/could look to the customer.
Please scroll back to our 1st page website: and read the various comments of our very satisfied customers and try to guess which ones were part of the ” punch list” process…!
I think I’ll “punch out” now and end this short blog.

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Natural Stone at Open House Chicago

Friday, October 21st, 2016

I had an opportunity to visit some of our beautiful museums and landmarks that are not always open to the public last weekend. These museums and landmarks are filled with natural stone and other historical structures from the exterior to the interior.

I visited 2 buildings run by not-for-profit organizations. A museum on Lake Shore greets you with limestone statues. The limestone staircase is worn and dirty. The marble floors are scratched and dulled. Limestone statues that fill one room are in need of cleaning and other restoration methods. The second building I visited in Lincoln Park was just stunning. The marble lobby floor was a beautiful mix of red, green, white and pink marbles that shined. Limestone walls surrounded statues that sit upon marble pedestals.  Large marble columns surround the lobby. The building looks fitted for royalty not a memorial; a proud Chicago natural stone structure.

I love architecture and history. It was nice to take advantage of something that offered both. I was surprised by the difference of how these buildings are maintained, especially given the Lake Shore Drive address.

– Leslie Olson


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Tuesday, March 31st, 2015

Including the 408′ high State Capitol  (see sunset photo) remain symbols
of a past era when Illinois could actually afford the luxury of these Natural Stone surfaces ?!

Marble, Limestone and other relatively delicate but internally strong stones need care and protection periodically to remain ” tourist attractions” vs. ” eyesores”.

Beautiful sunset on the Limestone & Marble State Capitol Building

Beautiful sunset on the Limestone & Marble State Capitol Building

Deep cleaning, penetrating sealers to protect the substrate and other professional services are needed
at least bi-annually to keep the structures looking 1st class.

Although perhaps not a ‘ tourist attraction”, keep your Hotel Lobby, Building Lobby and Entry Showcase-
or, your luxury Home Marble and Limestone, in the best possible shape.
Go see Home or, for further information.

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Thursday, March 27th, 2014

Michael Pavilon is calling for suggestions, comments queries for a planned white paper on using and caring for marble, granite, limestone, slate, terrazzo and other stone flooring in lobbies.
The following main areas have been brainstormed hitherto:
1. What are the best cleaners and processes for natural stone
     and does it make a difference which stone, which cleaner?
     Does the kind of machine make a difference?
2. How often and when – seasonally- should the stone floors
     be cleaned, treated, refinished, restored ??
3. What kind of protection should there be for the stone floors?
     Do carpet runners really help or hinder?  How about seals?
     Top coats?
4. Should baseboards, edges and corners be treated any differently?
      Why are they so problematic?
5. What can be done for cracks, hairline and otherwise, and
     holes, chips?
6. How about those stains?  What is oxidation?  Why is standing
     water so harmful?  Can stains be eliminated?  What’s the
     difference between a stain and an etch?
7. What is the best process for producing luster on stone?
     Are there really that many different processes ?
8. Do seals work or are they a waste?  Does Granite ever need
     to be sealed as a floor?  Slate?
9. My Lobby looks beautiful! How can I keep it that way?
10. Pricing!  How is pricing determined by professionals
       in this field?
Proposed by Mike Pavilon – who is also the Chairman of
the Marble Institute of America’s Commercial/Historical
Restoration Committee – part of the MIA’s process to
produce a Handbook on ALL areas of restoration and
maintenance of Marble and Granite by approximately 25 of the
nation’s top refinishing and restoration of stone – owners.

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Tax Credits for Historic Restoration

Tuesday, January 21st, 2014

ILLINOIS – Restoring your older Historic terrazzo, marble, granite, limestone, or natural stone surface may be uplifting to you, visually pleasing, and may offer some pride for maintaining and upkeep of the property. There are other incentives you may find beyond your own personal satisfaction that might inspire property owners in both commercial and residential settings to take the steps to restore your old building…… Taxes and Grants!

Restoration of historical properties have been highlighted in many recent newsworthy attempts at historical preservation.  Here are a few local stories to refer to:

Wrigley Field Renovation Supported by Property Tax Incentive

Historic Michigan Ave Tax Incentive for Rehab

Landmarks Illinois provides a smart list for anyone looking for funding assistance for restoration. Review the following site:  Landmarks Illinois Preservation Tips.

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Historical Properties, Buildings & Gardens In Evanston, IL

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013

EVANSTON, ILLINOIS – Historical properties, buildings and gardens – Some with Limestone, Granite, marble or Slate..

Evanston, Il is filled with history.  In fact, there are 61 locations and properties on the National Register of Historic Buildings! Evanston even has its own ” Historical Society” not far from the Shakespeare Gardens and Grosse Point Lighthouse.

Marble, and, at times, Granite, has been restored at historic properties to make them look ” better” but not TOO GOOD so as to take their ” antiquing and historical look ” away.  That is very important in the restoration process that Sungloss Marble and other good restoration companies strive for.

Among the properties that Sungloss Marble Co. has helped restore in Evanston, IL is one with Black , cement base Terrazzo on Michigan Avenue ( not Chicago’s Mag Mile Michigan !) which took several men several days to fully restore, now “beautiful “!  Join the restoration revival!

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Heat, Humidity & Natural Stone Restoration

Thursday, July 18th, 2013

Customers ask, “Is it ” ok ” to clean, polish and seal my dining room floor and then clean and seal my Indiana Limestone porch when it’s 95f and 70% + humidity?”. Well, it depends.
Inside , the AC and the airflow are correct and good – why not? Unless there are pocketswhere the airflow is not
eliminating the high humidity there is no reason not to proceed.
Outdoors, or in basements or lower levels, that may
NOT be the case.  Most sealants, caulks and grouts issue a written caveat against proceeding in weather that is either too hot or too humid or both. The caveats vary. I’ve seen a range of 90f and 60% humidity as a start point and others with a higher start point for danger in application. Read the FINE PRINT on the manufacturers can or bottle. They usually spend $ and time testing, having independent labs test how these products react under certain conditions.  Misapplications can cause poor sealant results, oxidation, smearing, and worse.  Best to be conservative and save the outdoor work for another day – or, move to Paradise where you won’t need to concern yourself with the climatic conditions.

Good Luck !

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