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Beautify your Environment in Presidential Style – Commercial or Residential

Tuesday, February 21st, 2017

When most people think of natural stone, such as Marble or Granite, they imagine their kitchen countertops, bathroom floor, or somewhere else in their house.  However, having stone surrounding your house can make a dramatic difference for your property and the neighborhood.

That is being acknowledged in recent years, even by certain Presidents.  The Clinton Presidential Center in Little Rock, Arkansas was designed to not just be a unique building, but to beautify a specific area: the Arkansas Riverfront.  Mary Margaret Jones, landscape architect for the Presidential center, followed the directions of The Clintons very closely.  It was not just create a building, but to create a neighborhood that was welcoming and inviting.

How can you do that for your property?  Consider natural stone.  A quartzite , slate, or well protected limestone can add a warmth to an outdoor patio, pathway to your garden, or common outdoor commercial space.

However, before you begin, a few things to remember.  Put your artistic skills to work and try to match the stone with the overall décor of your office or home exterior.  The color of the stone will either lighten up an area or tone it down.  Also, the correct sealer is always important when dealing with any stone.  Finally, all stone will require maintenance.  Consult with your local professional for upkeep and annual sealing, preventing more serious problems by neglect.

With summer coming up, now could be the time to beautify your neighborhood.  With the right choice, you too can beautify your surroundings and neighborhood, adding a “Presidential look” for all to admire.


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Terrazzo Restoration at the 80+ year old St. Charles Hospital

Monday, February 13th, 2017

An Art Deco Building., now the Aurora-St. Charles Senior Living Center, amazing reviews!  OUR BLOG TO YOU, our associates, friends, customers…

Sungloss’ work restoring the Terrazzo flooring and baseboards – previously laden with LOTS of various residue over 80 years – was highlighted in the Open House Program 1/31/17, celebrating the wonderful, efficient and on-time completion of that great Building in Aurora, Illinois.

Even our Lt. Governor noted how ” colorful and beautiful the Terrazzo looked…” especially compared to the condition it had been in.  Ms. Evelyn Sanguinetti, Illinois’ first Latino Lt. Governor, praised the work of all and in particular liked the Terrazzo work and the image it portrayed.

Former Mayor Thomas J. Weisner was honored with the dedication of the Community Room in his name – the room was filled to capacity among the beautiful Terrazzo and Marble areas restored by Sungloss Marble employees.

David Block, representing the Evergreen R. E. Group and a host of others (see Aurora Senior Living Center Grand Opening Celebration info under: ) did a fast, safe, efficient, quality job according to all in attendance.  No complaints ! How often does one hear, see that???

Before & After of Terrazzo Floor

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Art Expo in Chicago shows “Earth Smears” as fine art!!

Monday, October 3rd, 2016

Art has conscripted our geological beginnings  – with a
sleek, multi-colored and attractive to say the least….
arrangement of ” earth colors” made from , what else – earth colors.
It was, is unique among the hundreds of oils, pastels,
prints and serigraphs at the Expo.
I liked it. One of my favorites, but then again, I’m biased.
Not sure where the Art is going next..
But keep an (. out for ” earth colors”….
Art Expo with "Earth Colors"

Art Expo with “Earth Colors”

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Redgranite Quarry, WI

Wednesday, July 6th, 2016

As long as I’ve been in the industry of restoring, renewing and refinishing Granite, Marble, Terrazzo, Limestone, Slate or other natural stone, it never ceases to amaze me where one will find a historical connection to natural stone.  A 2 1/2 hour drive from Jefferson Park in Chicago and we found the Redgranite Quarry in Wisconsin!

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Excuse Me! Can You Please Use a Coaster?

Tuesday, May 31st, 2016

You are invited to dinner at a neighbors house. Upon entering the residence, you are shown downstairs where the other guests have gathered. They all are sitting at a beautiful black marble bar area. You think to yourself that the simple elegance of the stone is incredible, and for a second imagine how it would look in your own home. After being served your drink and taking a quick sip, you carefully set it on the bar. That’s when abruptly you hear it. A voice from the other side of the room. It’s your neighbor…

“Excuse me! Can you please use a Coaster?!?”  (Or, in the case of a hotel lobby floor – A carpet runner?!?)

Startled, you quickly pick up your drink. As you do, you notice something. Across the entire length of the bar are ring shaped stains and etches. While some parts of the bar show a beautiful shine, other parts are quite dull.

You wonder to yourself “How could this happen? Marble is a natural stone. Shouldn’t it be tough and hard? Could a simple drink ruin it?”

Marble counter etched

Etch marks on marble counter

The reason for the etching has to do with what marble is made of. All the marble we see today has gone thru incredible experiences in its history. Experiences a human being cannot fathom. It has tolerated millions of years of immense pressure from the earth and it’s oceans. What formed was a natural material called calcium carbonate.

Calcium Carbonate is the most widely used mineral known to man, and is found throughout the world. Without knowing it, you have seen it throughout you life, from the chalk your teachers used in gradeschool, to the calcium supplement you take, to the paper that’s is your printer. All are composed of this mineral.

When chalk or limestone are put under intense heat and pressure, the calcium carbonate under goes a process called recrystalization, and voila!…Marble is formed.

While it is very unique and beautiful, there is a problem. It is highly reactive to acids. Unfortunately, most of what we drink everyday is acidic. Coffee, beer, wine, tea, orange juice, lemonade are all acidic drinks. If spilt on a newly installed marble, etching and dullness will appear.

So, after picking up your drink, what is a good response to your neighbors request?

“Yes, I can use a coaster. However, coasters can be unreliable as a protectant against spills and stains, as you can see. To protect your marble, have it sealed when installed, clean up spills immediately (blot, don’t wipe or swipe), when cleaning use a neutral ph cleaner, do not leave acidic liquids on the marble, and get familiar with a local professional who can help with any etching and dulling areas.”

Your neighborhood and your marble will be thankful.

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Cuba, Marble & Limestone Restoration, and Sungloss Marble Co.

Monday, March 21st, 2016

Our President and owner returned from an excursion to Havana, La Terrazza and Trinidad, Cuba recently among other fascinating spots in this beautiful but complicated country of friendly peoples.

We actually beat the POTUS and Mick Jagger to Cuba! The POTUS arrived yesterday, 3-20-16 -and Mick soon.  Cuba is filled with long time, 50+ years old Marble structures and Limestone galore.

The Capitol Bldg of Cuba in Havana is a marble structure modeled after the US Capitol – but a foot taller!  The tour guides love to point that out!  Marble, Granite and Limestone are commonplace in the hotels and some restaurants.

Our President had his eyes and ears open for the need for restoration of some of the neglected natural stone – along with his continuous interaction with the friendly people of Cuba.

Cuba is a long, narrow island of app. 12 million people (vs. the est. 3 1/2 of Puerto Rico) that is a myriad of green, natural stone, semi-restored buildings. and a treasure of historic properties with an abundance of work needed. With the average income of the citizen of Cuba at less than 50 US$/person per month, but with tourist $ arriving from France, Germany, Canada and, now the USA – with a different, non-peso tour Cuban Commerce “dollar”- something has “got to give”, soooon.

We are hoping and working for the best for this 800 mile long beautiful island to finally enter the 21st Century with keeping its equal medical attention to all along with new employment to restore its invaluable structures.

Go, Cuba , go…

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Your Lobby Floors Say Everything About Your Building

Thursday, January 28th, 2016

Marble polishing

Marble Lobby Polishing

When walking into a grand lobby, the first thing that catches your eye is the floor.  Lobby floors may be a beautiful marble, glittery granite, or a glossy terrazzo.  Tennessee Pink Marble, a historic, beautiful – but tough – marble, or a Verde Green Marble are great examples of eye-popping, natural stone floors.

To walk in and see dull and scratched marble floors or heavily waxed terrazzo that looks dingy in one area and shines in another is a disappointment.  Granite floors with missing and discolored grout is quite unattractive to potential home buyers as well.  Your lobby gives buyers their first impression of the building, so wouldn’t you want to entice them?  Covering up dingy looking floors with drab rugs and furniture is a flat-out deal breaker.  Curb appeal is not just a good thing, it may be the “only thing” to attract renters and buyers competitively.

Spring is just around the corner and it is the perfect time to spruce up your stone floors after a long, dreary winter.  It only takes a phone call or email to contact Sungloss Marble and restore your floors to their former glory.

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Complete Stone Restoration of A 100+ Year Old Stone Floor and Wall/Stair Areas

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015

Not long ago, the now well-known – “Sungloss Marble Company & Team of Professionals” – Organized themselves, their machinery, the biodegradable chemicals, the safety supplies and other items in a Historic Restoration.  

Porcelain flooring that was literally imbedded  and covered with tar, mastic & cement, concrete smear and lumps throughout was the challenge.  The team took on the work admirably, and, to the surprise and enjoyment of the owner, the General Contractor, the Consultants and others, did a remarkable 99% restoration.  A “Complete Stone Restoration” of the porcelain and marble areas of the century old building.

The building almost is as old as the Chicago Cubs baseball team and their frustrating, lovable loser quest for a World Series Title – but not quite.  Almost two months of planning, research (don’t forget about that professional tax credit for needed research and development of new processes and products).  Some very hard and persevering work, and the creation of some new and unusual color enhancing pigmented seal for the “finishing touches” for the complete stone restoration.

More to come soon, further west, in a similar project.

Complete Restoration on 100+ year old porcelain floor

Complete Restoration on 100+ year old porcelain floor

Sample with pigmented sealer on porcelain floor

Sample with pigmented sealer on porcelain floor

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Unusual Stones

Thursday, October 1st, 2015

Some people like marble, but want something different. Some people think granite is boring and want something with more pizzazz. Unique stones like onyx which contains quartz and labradorite a beautiful blue color stone from Labrador, Canada that contains feldspar found in granite and quartz are making an appearance in kitchens, bathrooms and bars.  Some quartz has the look of popular marbles.

These unusual stones give your home a unique look. Onyx isn’t used only for jewelry and accessory pieces; it can be a floor or counter – At best not in a lobby! Amethyst and rose quartz are not only gem stones, but, can now be found in your kitchen counter tops and bathroom vanities.

Agglomerated stone or volcanic stone is being used more and more with marble. “Agglomerare” in Latin means “to form a ball.”  These different ropy, folded and spindled shapes are characteristic of agglomerated stones. This stone adds different character to your marble kitchen or bath.

You don’t have to have the “run of the mill” counters. You can have unique stones that give your home or meeting place an unusual look, while gaining envy from all of your friends. Stay away from the normal and embrace the unique.

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Moisture: The Potential Plague

Wednesday, July 15th, 2015

The use of natural stone for building and decorating has been used since ancient times.   Its strength and durability make natural stone a versatile building product, thus increasing in popularity.  Although quarried from the earth, not all stone is created equal.  The biggest difference lies in the porosity, density and durability of the stone.  Calcite based stones such as Marble, Limestone, Onyx and Travertine are more porous than the denser, igneous Granite.  Because of their high porosity rate, they are more susceptible to damage, acting like a sponge and sucking in liquids, salts and minerals.

Water plays a dominant role in the deterioration process of most stone surfaces.  In fact, most problems in any structure begin with water.  Efflorescence, corrosion, and calcium buildup are all examples of how water destroys or damages the stone.  The only way to fully restore and preserve the area is to prevent further water intrusion by waterproofing: creating barriers, drainage and diversion.  Sealers, although widely used and the most important waterproofing materials, will not prevent future moisture damage if the source of the moisture is not identified and repaired.

Look for signs of moisture such as mold, efflorescence, and spalling.  Identify the source, and waterproof.  Sealing, airflow, ventilation, proper drainage and professionally directed maintenance and care all help in preventing, or at least limiting, moisture damage to Marble, Limestone, Travertine and other calcite based stone surfaces.  This is the only sure way to prevent further water damage and preserve the beauty of the earth in your home.

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