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Humidity & Natural Stone

Tuesday, August 8th, 2017

Humidity is a common term associated with warm seasons in Chicago.  As temperatures rise during the spring and summer often do, so do precipitation and humidity levels.  Unlike temperature, which fluctuates during the day and night, dew points tend to remain constant no matter what hour it is.  High humidity levels tend to occur from early June to mid-September, resulting in a muggy three and a half month period.  While some may view this warm and wet period as an excuse to get outside or an opportunity for clearer skin, this weather can also wreak havoc on stone, both indoors and out.

The main issue with constant humidity is that moisture eventually penetrates the stone itself.  Areas of high concentration, such as backside soil or even concrete, push excess moisture to areas with lower concentrations, or the stone itself.  This is extremely common among outdoor tiles placed directly on soil or stone installed on top of concrete.  Excess moisture can cause both surface level and internal problems for the stone.  The growth of algae and moss are common effects of humidity on stone, and fortunately, are fairly harmless as well.  On the other hand, harsh effects still occur due to humidity.  Rust and stone discoloration are examples of what moisture can do to stone once it penetrates the surface.  Moisture can also deteriorate grouts, glues and any membranes that may protect the stone.

Depending on the extent of damage done to the stone, there are simple solutions to solve harm caused by moisture and humidity.  Cleaners (alkaline) work well for the removal of surface level algae and moss on stone.  The combination of a light film of water and a scrub brush is also a removal method.  When it comes to rust and discoloration caused by deep moisture penetration, professional tools and solutions might be necessary in the attempt to restore the stone to its original state.  See or

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Home or Office Curb Appeal

Monday, July 17th, 2017

According to a recent survey conducted by Professional Builder, 66.4% of buyers today consider the “curb appeal” of a building (or home) as a top selling point when purchasing.  This was followed by low maintenance costs (59.4%) and energy efficiency (32.9%).  45.5% of sellers have had the most success in selling by upgrading the exterior cladding (brick, stone, stone veneer).  With many design options on the market, it’s easy to see why that product category made the top spot.


Sungloss first reported on the “curb appeal” of a building in March of 2015, when The Northern Real Estate Magazine reported on empty units and loss of income due to the “curb appeal” of a building.  It could be a selling, or breaking point.  The new report by Professional Builder substantiates this claim even further by asking consumers directly what they look for when they buy or sell.


Whether it’s the beautifully crafted stone lobby in the condo building, or the stone cladding in a home, detailing is an important factor to attract potential buyers or renters.   Don’t sell yourself short, and make your home, or office, authentic and appealing to the eye.  You never know who’s looking.

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Sungloss President at Coldspring in MN

Thursday, June 22nd, 2017

Our very own Mike Pavilon, president of Sungloss Marble, made a recent visit to the Coldspring headquarters in Minnesota to catch up on the latest trends in the stone industry.  More to come!



 Coldspring Headquarters 

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Who Do You Want To Punch?

Monday, March 27th, 2017

What is a “punch list“? The people you may want to punch ?? Well, not really.
A Punch List is the listing of issues, things to get done in a construction process at a site – residential or commercial – BEFORE the contract is considered complete and BEFORE the final payments are made to the Construction Company.

How/Why does this affect marble, terrazzo, granite and limestone surfaces? Well, don’t punch me, but until those surfaces are acceptable to the customer or their agent, e.g. architect, designer, property manager…- sometimes meaning “perfect condition” …NO ONE will complete a sign off or payment to the Construction Company.
Sungloss Marble Company has engineered hundreds of “punch list” sign offs preventing hundreds of “punches and fights” on site and elsewhere of HOW the Stone Surfaces should/could look to the customer.
Please scroll back to our 1st page website: and read the various comments of our very satisfied customers and try to guess which ones were part of the ” punch list” process…!
I think I’ll “punch out” now and end this short blog.

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Beautify your Environment in Presidential Style – Commercial or Residential

Tuesday, February 21st, 2017

When most people think of natural stone, such as Marble or Granite, they imagine their kitchen countertops, bathroom floor, or somewhere else in their house.  However, having stone surrounding your house can make a dramatic difference for your property and the neighborhood.

That is being acknowledged in recent years, even by certain Presidents.  The Clinton Presidential Center in Little Rock, Arkansas was designed to not just be a unique building, but to beautify a specific area: the Arkansas Riverfront.  Mary Margaret Jones, landscape architect for the Presidential center, followed the directions of The Clintons very closely.  It was not just create a building, but to create a neighborhood that was welcoming and inviting.

How can you do that for your property?  Consider natural stone.  A quartzite , slate, or well protected limestone can add a warmth to an outdoor patio, pathway to your garden, or common outdoor commercial space.

However, before you begin, a few things to remember.  Put your artistic skills to work and try to match the stone with the overall décor of your office or home exterior.  The color of the stone will either lighten up an area or tone it down.  Also, the correct sealer is always important when dealing with any stone.  Finally, all stone will require maintenance.  Consult with your local professional for upkeep and annual sealing, preventing more serious problems by neglect.

With summer coming up, now could be the time to beautify your neighborhood.  With the right choice, you too can beautify your surroundings and neighborhood, adding a “Presidential look” for all to admire.


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Terrazzo Restoration at the 80+ year old St. Charles Hospital

Monday, February 13th, 2017

An Art Deco Building., now the Aurora-St. Charles Senior Living Center, amazing reviews!  OUR BLOG TO YOU, our associates, friends, customers…

Sungloss’ work restoring the Terrazzo flooring and baseboards – previously laden with LOTS of various residue over 80 years – was highlighted in the Open House Program 1/31/17, celebrating the wonderful, efficient and on-time completion of that great Building in Aurora, Illinois.

Even our Lt. Governor noted how ” colorful and beautiful the Terrazzo looked…” especially compared to the condition it had been in.  Ms. Evelyn Sanguinetti, Illinois’ first Latino Lt. Governor, praised the work of all and in particular liked the Terrazzo work and the image it portrayed.

Former Mayor Thomas J. Weisner was honored with the dedication of the Community Room in his name – the room was filled to capacity among the beautiful Terrazzo and Marble areas restored by Sungloss Marble employees.

David Block, representing the Evergreen R. E. Group and a host of others (see Aurora Senior Living Center Grand Opening Celebration info under: ) did a fast, safe, efficient, quality job according to all in attendance.  No complaints ! How often does one hear, see that???

Before & After of Terrazzo Floor

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Natural Stone at Open House Chicago

Friday, October 21st, 2016

I had an opportunity to visit some of our beautiful museums and landmarks that are not always open to the public last weekend. These museums and landmarks are filled with natural stone and other historical structures from the exterior to the interior.

I visited 2 buildings run by not-for-profit organizations. A museum on Lake Shore greets you with limestone statues. The limestone staircase is worn and dirty. The marble floors are scratched and dulled. Limestone statues that fill one room are in need of cleaning and other restoration methods. The second building I visited in Lincoln Park was just stunning. The marble lobby floor was a beautiful mix of red, green, white and pink marbles that shined. Limestone walls surrounded statues that sit upon marble pedestals.  Large marble columns surround the lobby. The building looks fitted for royalty not a memorial; a proud Chicago natural stone structure.

I love architecture and history. It was nice to take advantage of something that offered both. I was surprised by the difference of how these buildings are maintained, especially given the Lake Shore Drive address.

– Leslie Olson


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Art Expo in Chicago shows “Earth Smears” as fine art!!

Monday, October 3rd, 2016

Art has conscripted our geological beginnings  – with a
sleek, multi-colored and attractive to say the least….
arrangement of ” earth colors” made from , what else – earth colors.
It was, is unique among the hundreds of oils, pastels,
prints and serigraphs at the Expo.
I liked it. One of my favorites, but then again, I’m biased.
Not sure where the Art is going next..
But keep an (. out for ” earth colors”….
Art Expo with "Earth Colors"

Art Expo with “Earth Colors”

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Redgranite Quarry, WI

Wednesday, July 6th, 2016

As long as I’ve been in the industry of restoring, renewing and refinishing Granite, Marble, Terrazzo, Limestone, Slate or other natural stone, it never ceases to amaze me where one will find a historical connection to natural stone.  A 2 1/2 hour drive from Jefferson Park in Chicago and we found the Redgranite Quarry in Wisconsin!

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Excuse Me! Can You Please Use a Coaster?

Tuesday, May 31st, 2016

You are invited to dinner at a neighbors house. Upon entering the residence, you are shown downstairs where the other guests have gathered. They all are sitting at a beautiful black marble bar area. You think to yourself that the simple elegance of the stone is incredible, and for a second imagine how it would look in your own home. After being served your drink and taking a quick sip, you carefully set it on the bar. That’s when abruptly you hear it. A voice from the other side of the room. It’s your neighbor…

“Excuse me! Can you please use a Coaster?!?”  (Or, in the case of a hotel lobby floor – A carpet runner?!?)

Startled, you quickly pick up your drink. As you do, you notice something. Across the entire length of the bar are ring shaped stains and etches. While some parts of the bar show a beautiful shine, other parts are quite dull.

You wonder to yourself “How could this happen? Marble is a natural stone. Shouldn’t it be tough and hard? Could a simple drink ruin it?”

Marble counter etched

Etch marks on marble counter

The reason for the etching has to do with what marble is made of. All the marble we see today has gone thru incredible experiences in its history. Experiences a human being cannot fathom. It has tolerated millions of years of immense pressure from the earth and it’s oceans. What formed was a natural material called calcium carbonate.

Calcium Carbonate is the most widely used mineral known to man, and is found throughout the world. Without knowing it, you have seen it throughout you life, from the chalk your teachers used in gradeschool, to the calcium supplement you take, to the paper that’s is your printer. All are composed of this mineral.

When chalk or limestone are put under intense heat and pressure, the calcium carbonate under goes a process called recrystalization, and voila!…Marble is formed.

While it is very unique and beautiful, there is a problem. It is highly reactive to acids. Unfortunately, most of what we drink everyday is acidic. Coffee, beer, wine, tea, orange juice, lemonade are all acidic drinks. If spilt on a newly installed marble, etching and dullness will appear.

So, after picking up your drink, what is a good response to your neighbors request?

“Yes, I can use a coaster. However, coasters can be unreliable as a protectant against spills and stains, as you can see. To protect your marble, have it sealed when installed, clean up spills immediately (blot, don’t wipe or swipe), when cleaning use a neutral ph cleaner, do not leave acidic liquids on the marble, and get familiar with a local professional who can help with any etching and dulling areas.”

Your neighborhood and your marble will be thankful.

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